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Bahamas -10 units Rear Loader Superstructure were loaded into container


On June 23th, 2021, 10 units refuse compactor superstructure were loaded in containers at CEEC factory. These waste compactor body kits will be delivered to Shanghai seaport for shipment.  

Rear loader superstructure exported to Bahamas

Client: Bahamas customer, Mr. Lorin

Project: Nassau city waste management company project

Year: 2021,06

Project Background

Mr. Lorin is the purchasing manager of a waste management company in Bahamas. They own a assembly plant in Nassau city. They have 10 units of second hand ISUZU chassis and need to purchase garbage compactor body kits to install on these chassis. He visited our website and is very interested in our waste compactor equipment. After talking with our sales manager, he  believes that we can provide him with satisfactory rear loader body and service. 

After getting the order, our engineer made CAD drawings according to chassis dimensions to make sure these superstructures will be perfectly fit for his ISUZU chassis. In order to save the shipping cost, our engineer also designed a packing for him to ensure that the 10 rear loader upper bodies can be loaded into 7 units 40'HQ container. Mr. Lorin was very satisfied with our design.


After 20 days of production, these 10 units of waste compactor kits were finished on time. On June 23, these rubbish compactor superstructures were successfully loaded into containers at our factory and delivered to Shanghai seaport for shipment.



Key Pointes:

10CBM garbage compactor superstructure 

Rear loader equipment

Rear loader body kit were ready for delivred

Refuse compactor body

Garbage compactor upper body in workshop

waste compactor superstructure

Trash compactor body equipment are ready for shipment

rubbish compactor kit

Refuse compactor body kit was loaded into container

rear loader kit

How to load a waste compactor body into container

Rubbish compactor superstructure

Rubbish compactor superstructure was loaded in container

back loading compactor body

Rear loading compactor kit was loaded

back loading compactor equipment

Back loading compactor body was loaded 

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