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A septic pump truck is a specially designed vehicle equipped with a large tank and a pump system used for the removal of wastewater from septic tanks or other types of sewage systems. These trucks are commonly used by septic tank pumping companies or municipal waste management agencies to safely and efficiently transport and dispose of raw sewage.


A Howo septic suction truck is a specialized vehicle used for the removal of waste and debris from septic systems. The Howo vacuum truck is equipped with a tank and a pump for suctioning liquid and solid waste from septic tanks and other wastewater systems. The collected waste is then transported to a wastewater treatment facility, where it is processed and disposed of appropriately. Septic suction trucks are commonly used by municipalities and private companies for maintaining and servicing septic systems. A Sinotruk septic pump truck, also known as a china howo vacuum truck, is used to empty and transport the contents of septic tanks, grease traps, and other waste storage systems. The howo vacuum tank on the truck is designed to hold and transport the waste to a treatment facility or designated disposal site. The septic pump truck provides an essential service to maintain proper sanitation and hygiene, prevent environmental pollution, and extend the lifespan of septic systems.


There are several classifications for Howo septic pump trucks. The most common classifications are:

1. Capacity: This refers to the amount of waste the truck can hold. The capacity can range from 500 to 7,500 gallons.

2. Chassis: This refers to the type of truck chassis the septic pump is mounted on. It can be a conventional truck chassis, a cab-over chassis, or a trailer-mounted chassis.

3. Pumping system: This refers to the type of pumping system installed on the truck. It can be a piston pump, a diaphragm pump, or a vacuum pump.

4. Material: This refers to the material used for the tank. It can be made of steel, aluminum, or polyethylene.

5. Features: This refers to the additional features that the truck may have, such as a jetting system, a pressure washer, or a wireless remote control.

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